PlantBot Genetics believes learning is more dynamic when there is direct engagement. Dynamic interaction allows for richer life experiences and creates  more of an impact. It is in this spirit that PlantBot Genetics has created several workshops that can give you the tools to become a PlantBot scientist.  We can visit your community and provide various workshops for all ages and skill levels, 

Utilizing our unique visions of art, hacking, agriculture, robots, alternative energy, recycling, science and hydroponics as the basis for activities, we can engage anyone. Simply pick a workshop, host us and you too can become a PlantBot scientist.



PlantBot Interventions

The most popular of our workshop series these robo-plants can invade anywhere with the help of your community.

STEM and Science Workshops

The science introduced in our workshops,  will not just  enhance a better understanding of art but all educational disciplines 

Imaginative Botanical Drawing

Any age or skill level can participate in these creative botanical drawing classes.

Moth Gardens

Bee populations are in decline, second shift pollinators may need to step in. Using solar powered system we create nighttime community  gardens that glow to attract second shift pollinators.