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Informational Nature Walk On Boardwalk 

In more tropical or wetland environments, boardwalks provide a solution for nature trail walks.  We at Plantbot Genetics utilize these trails and place information placards along the path pointing out the particular attributes of PlantBots in the area.  PlantBot behaviors are often unpredictable. When this is combined with their ability to blend so seamlessly into the environment they are created from, they can be difficult for amateur botanists to find.  To allow participants along our paths to locate PlantBots more easily, we furnish a button that when pressed, calls PlantBots into action!  Once the button is pressed the PlantBot represented on the placard jumps to action to sing and dance.  

Images below are from the Boardwalk at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Forest and Field Nature Tours and Trails

PlantBot Genetics  Nature Tours emphasizes ecology, conservation, flora, photography and PLANTBOTS!

Tours are led by a PlantBot genetics scientists, and each delves deeply into the history and cultural influences that create the  PlantBot Series.  This hands on experience allows budding PlantBot enthusiasts to get up close and personal with the robotic plants in their natural environment.  Learn about nature, ecosystems, robots and culture along one of these trails with the safety of a trained PlantBot Scientist. 

Warning: For the safety of all participants protective clothing including specially designed gloves must be worn at all times along the trail.  PlantBot Genetics, Inc will assume no responsibility for the safety of participants if this rule is not followed. 

To organize a nature walk or boardwalk experience in your community please contact jschmuki(at) or wdeschene(at) today!

Images to the left are from a nature trail in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Park Ranger photo from Nebraska. 

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