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Community Interventions

PlantBot & PollinatorBot Workshops 

PlantBot & PollinatorBot Workshops offer a unique experience. Friendly animatronics and recycled materials combine to create enchanting robot-plant hybrids. These workshops not only foster creativity but also serve as interactive public events that promote ecological literacy.


Participants learn how to repurpose recycled animatronics and transform them into unique PlantBots that reflect the site's specific environment. Each PlantBot carries its own story, and once contextualized, participants don lab coats and take their sculptures to the streets or community spaces. The newly created PlantBots embark on a lighthearted and interactive "PlantBot Invasion," in which every community member becomes an integral part, sparking further discussions.


In addition, these workshops bring art and STEM education to unexpected locations outside the traditional gallery or museum setting. By taking robotic plants to the streets, we encourage people to contemplate their food sources, production methods, origins, and their journey to our plates. This approach aims to create a memorable experience that attracts a diverse audience, regardless of the level of support for art, technology, and food transparency in a particular community.


PlantBot Genetics provides all the necessary materials for the workshop, including animatronics and foliage. The workshops can occur in studios and classrooms or be transformed into performances or happenings. Participants retain ownership of their created PlantBots, or they can be displayed in an associated exhibition or even donated back to the laboratory.

If you're interested in arranging a future PlantBot Workshop in your community, please contact jschmuki(at) for more info. Together, let's explore the fascinating intersection of art, technology, and ecological awareness while nurturing a deeper understanding of our food systems and fostering positive change in our communities.


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