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Greenhouse Field Lab

PlantBot Genetics presents a solar-powered portable greenhouse laboratory designed for on-site education, experimentation, and research programming in remote fields or forests inaccessible to the larger 18' trailer.

Our greenhouse lab combines renewable energy technology, animatronics, and the necessary hardware to create, deploy, and detect genetically modified (GM) plant/robot hybrids. This unique facility offers an unprecedented range of experimental options and tools, conveniently deployable and reconfigurable for investigating bioengineering, horticulture, robotics, sustainability, and the future of our food, even in remote locations.

Researchers, students, and outdoor enthusiasts now have the opportunity to design tests and experiments across diverse disciplines, including art and environmental studies, solar cell performance, quadrant sampling, environmental monitoring, and bioinvasion policies. In addition, the greenhouse lab is conveniently portable, versatile, and easily shared, allowing for its utilization in parks, fields, and forests.

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