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PlantBot Genetics also has a  solar powered portable green house laboratory for site-specific education, experimentation,and research programming in fields or forests too remote for the larger 18' trailer.

Our Greenhouse  lab contains an array of both renewable energy technology and animatronics a well as the hardware necessary to create, deploy, and detect genetically modified (GM) plant/robot hybrids. Never before have so many experimental options and tools been so easily deployed and reconfigured to investigate bioengineering, horticulture, robotics, sustainability, and the future of our food in remote areas.

Researchers, students, and even hikers now have the ability to design tests and experiments across a wide variety of disciplines such as art and environmental studies, solar cell performance, quadrant sampling, environmental monitoring, and bioinvasion policies. Convenient, portable, and versatile, the greenhouse lab is  just as easily shared  in parks, fields  and forests as the larger 18' trailer is on street corners.​

To reserve the Greenhouse Field Lab:

wdeschene(at) or

Greenhouse Field Lab

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