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Alabama and Georgia

Native Plants that you can grow to attract pollinators in Illinios include:


Golden Alexanders

White wild indigo

Butterfly milkweed

Clasping coneflower

Eastern smooth penstemon

Black-eyed Susan

Rattlesnake master

Wild bergamot

Eastern rosemallow

Joe Pye weed

Marsh blazing star

Narrowleaf mountain mint

Wrinkleleaf goldenrod

Cockspur hawthorn

Eastern redbud

Highbush blueberry

New Jersey tea

Pasture rose


Purple passionflower


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Protect Pollinators from Insecticides

Although dependent on timing, rate, and method of application, all insecticides have the potential to poison or kill pollinators. Systemic insecticides in particular have received significant attention for their potential role in pollinator declines (imidacloprid, dinotefuran, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam are examples of systemic insecticides now found in various farm and garden products). Because plants absorb systemic insecticides as they grow, the chemicals become distributed throughout plant tissues and are sometimes present in pollen and nectar. You can help protect pollinators by avoiding the use of these and other insecticides. Before purchasing plants from nurseries and garden centers, be sure to ask whether they have been treated with insecticides. To read more about threats to pollinators from pesticides, please visit:

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