We have combined new ideas and technology in converting an eighteen foot enclosed trailer into an off-grid, mobile project space and exhibition classroom. This PlantBot ArtLab is able to reach any community that is connected to a road and can arrive ready for community interaction. Essentially, the trailer acts as the stage, further expanding creativity and understanding that museums and galleries are not the only place for art to exist.

The PlantBot ArtLab visits communities to directly interact with local populations through hands-on art activities including the creation of other plant/robot hybrids  and extensive mothing events. These complex educational art events blend natural science, robotics, enviroment and sustainable practices in a collaborative and interactive stage that expands the imagination. Participants enter the trailer, don a lab coat, and create experimental artwork.  Under the guidance of the artist team of PlantBot Genetics these projects range from unique technological materials such as remote controlled robots, recycled toy animatronics, of both living and artificial plant materials to solar powered insects, and living moths.

Check out the Boston Globe artice mention of the ArtLab:  HERE

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18 Foot, Off-Grid, ArtLab.