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We offer drawing workshops suitable for artists of all levels and ages. Participants can unleash their creativity and envision new PlantBots or other Imaginative ecological solutions. These eco drawings serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging the development of future solutions from all generations.


Our research ideas often stem from engaging conversations and workshops. Creating our PlantBots is a collaborative process that involves interacting with communities and the environment in which we work. Through "think tanks" with local communities and continuous dialogue with visitors to our portable labs and other PlantBot environments, we collectively imagine the future.


The journey typically begins with participatory workshops that generate concept drawings that capture the essence of the topics discussed, ultimately influencing the creation of actual PlantBots.






The above drawings created by Wendy depict initial ideas on (D)evolution, which explores the fusion of dinosaur and robotic DNA to create a rapidly growing food source. These concepts also incorporate the integration of solar power, radio transmissions, and hydroponics. We take pride in witnessing these ideas materialize in the field mere months after their conception.

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