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Botanical Drawings

Drawings Workshops for all artistic levels and ages can be arranged to imagineer new PlantBots. These  botanical drawings can then be shared to inspire future PlantBot creations.

Often our research ideas come from simple conversations and workshops. Our PlantBots are created through interaction with community and the environment that we are working in. Through “think-tanks” with local communities as well as constant dialogue with those who visit our portable labs and other PlantBot environments, we imagine the future together.

Often this process begins with participatory workshops based around events staged through the portable laboratories while on tour throughout the country. Concept drawings created from these conversations then capture the essence of some of the ideas that actual PlantBots are created from.
The drawings on the left represent initial ideas on (D)evolution which combines dinosaur and robotic DNA to create a fast growing food source, as well as the integration of solar power, radio transmissions and hydroponics. PlantBot Genetics is proud to have seen all of these ideas applied in the field only a few short months later.



Contact Jschmuki(at) or wdeschene(at) to arrange a future drawing workshop with your community.

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