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Transgenic plants have genes derived from another species inserted into them. These inserted genes can come from species within the same kingdom (plant to plant) or between kingdoms (for example, (animal to plant). This and other genetic modification techniques inspire PlantBot Genetics. 

The Monsantra Project is named after the former Monsanto Corporation (now Bayer), one of the world's largest suppliers and producers of genetically modified seeds. Like a B-movie Godzilla, Monsantra is a hybrid of imagination, possibility, and reality.


PlantBot Genetics combines our unique GM crops grafted to remote-controlled robotic bases, resulting in organisms with no clear heritage and no clear future. Such plant /robot hybrids poetically ask what it all will become?  

Monsantra's First Sighting 

Monsantra Visits Arizona.

Monsantra Visits Illinois 

Monsantra Visits Illinois II


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