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Identification Murals

One of our goals is to offer easy and fun connections to our natural world. Any way we can do that is a win for the environment.  Large wheat paste identification murals are a dynamic way to activate the natural world in an ordinary hallway. Often partnering with biologists and communities, we create large-scale installations that educate on both the seen and unseen elements of the environment around us. Imagine local salamanders, moths, beetles, microscopic pollens, or anything else in your imagination taking over one of your hallways. Identification posters help everyone learn the names and purposes of these often overlooked touch stones of environmental health.  Scroll down to see some examples but remember partnering with a scientist on your team will allow us to make something new together:

Moth Mandala Murals


Through nationwide photo collection, we collaborate with local communities to craft vibrant wheat-paste murals depicting moths. At first glance, these murals exude a festive aura and evoke the tranquility of meditative mandalas and floral patterns. However, upon closer inspection, the intricate patterns reveal their true nature—they comprise numerous large photographs of moths. These captivating and playful installations serve as an invitation for everyone to discover the significance and beauty of insects. The intricate details, colors, and patterns within the murals also serve as survival strategies.

Participants engage in workshops where they create wheat-paste moth murals using printed photos sourced from national mothing workshops held within the community. These collaborative events culminate in stunning wall installations bridging the gap between personal actions and the pressing ecological issues that impact humans and pollinators. These Murals' radiant imagery celebrates moths' diversity and importance and sparks conversations about environmental stewardship. By blurring the boundaries between art and nature, the Moth Mandala Murals inspire individuals to recognize their role in preserving ecosystems and the delicate balance of our natural world.

Pollen Murals

Working with biologist Dr. Alan Harvey at GSU, Wendy and Jeff received a 2019 Center for Sustainability Grant to create biology- Georgia Southerthemed murals about pollen. Using a scanning electron microscope, the images were digitally collected and then colorized using photo editing software. The resulting murals, invite the community to become part of the installation processes while also learning about the local types of pollen and their benefits.​

Versions of this mural have already been installed in museums, and campuses across two states. Contact us for your own version!

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