BallaDiva Peony

BallaDiva Series of PlantBots


PlantBot Genetics presents the  latest BallaDiva Series! These PlantBots combine the DNA of the great diva's talent with beautiful ever flowering perennial DNA. If you fertilize them with a constant supply of coke and bad boyfriends, these flowers will turn your garden into a concert of song!  Warning: PlantBot Genetics is not responsible for sudden deflowering or untimely demise

Dwarf Derulo Snowball Bushes

(Viburnum x derulo)  


Known for its invasiveness, this small shrub multiplies at a rapidly accelerating rate through ground contact and root rhizomes. Maturing to 1 foot tall with a similar spread, the leaves somewhat resemble the leaves of grape vines. The Snowball bush is so called because it bears clusters of flowers that are white in color, rounded in shape. Although sterile, the flowerheads easily sway back in forth in the hopes of catching your eye and stimulating a desire to “Want to Want Me”.

Boy bands can also be divas. 

Brintneyatacum Performada