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​The absolute best way to insure local nutritious, organic produce is to grow it yourself.  When gardening you are close to the earth and you are in control of exactly how your food is grown. When you are this close to the chain of production, you have the ultimate control over chemicals, genetic modification, and other questionable practices  inherent in commercial  agriculture.

Victory gardens  encouraged during war time took the pressure off of the nations food supply and empowered everyone to do what they could for the war effort.  The response to this moral boaster during the time of war was overwhelmingly positive.  Local  Parks, front yards and backyards all magically became places that the community could grow fresh food.

Plantbot Genetics encourages rediscovering these lost gardens. In addition we have the skills to bring victory gardens into gallery spaces, abandoned warehouses or rooms of any kind.  Co-founder Jeff Schmuki has perfected indoor hydroponic growth systems making a local garden possible anytime of year in any indoor space. These self contained indoor gardens, will not cause damage to the structures around them, and provide fresh air, beauty and food year long. Food grown from these gardens can be harvested at the end of an exhibition, or donated to a local food bank. 


To further encourage engagement, PlantBots are  grown as part of these gardens.  Sound modules which speak to the robots as well as echo the sound of the hydroponic systems inner workings to become a complete sensory experience. 



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