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What is PlantBot Genetics?
Wendy DesChene (Métis Nation Canada) and Jeff Schmuki (USA) operate as PlantBot Genetics Inc., a satirical parody of an agricultural biotech corporation. Using tactical media and public space to promote critical thinking on environmental issues, they highlight the consequences of disconnected and wasteful food production systems. Through humorous robot-plant hybrids, they prompt discussions on the environmental costs of unsustainable practices. For example, the Moth Project focuses on declining pollinator populations and environmental preservation through citizen science, education, and interactive experiences. Their solar-powered ArtLab, housed in an 18-foot trailer, serves as a mobile exhibition and community space. They aim to connect the public with environmental concerns and inspire engagement through art, technology, and civic action.

Why Street-Based Actions and Tactical Media?

Art possesses the transformative potential to reshape perspectives, facilitate meaningful dialogue, and ignite societal transformations. Through unconventional approaches to sharing the creative process, participants are encouraged to embrace diverse viewpoints and liberate themselves from preconceived notions about the nature and possibilities of art. PlantBot Genetics endeavors to facilitate interactions that cultivate well-informed individuals who enthusiastically contribute as environmentally literate participants in our present world.

While the adverse consequences of excessive consumption permeate our global landscape, socially engaged art, environmental research, and citizen science offer positive solutions.  These powerful tools can help us advocate for the responsible use of our natural resources. By amplifying the voice of the environment through site-specific events and connecting data to specific locations, we can challenge the dominant systems that perpetuate wasteful practices. Let's work together to make a positive impact on our planet!

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