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Advertising Campaigns

Most supermarket customers are unaware the largest chemical  buisnesse like Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Syngenta, Dowseed, also supply the seed, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers that grow our

food. Obviously the chemical side of their business is downplayed in advertising campaigns, yet many do use images of science in combination with bountiful fields, or happy farmers to further their products.  Most Big Ag companies don't bother to include factual information but instead simply "greenwash" their product with fictitious images of an unspoiled nature.

 As a parody of a large agricultural/biotech company, PlantBot Genetics advertises like any other biotech.  The images on this page showcase a national marketing campaign for our products and services on billboards along busy roadways. It was our mission to use these ads to confront commuters on their way to work with a satiric image of industrial agricultural products and coporate control of our food.

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