Suited to the harshest climates on earth.


The original and most sucessful PlantBot yet.


Plants, Robots, and Dinosaur DNA.


We are a company inspired by the cellular invasion techniques developed  in the US based biotech sector. If there were one word to explain what PlantBot Genetics is about, it would have to be PlantBots.  Billions of people depend on what farmers do and in the future farmers will have to grow more food than they have in the past

10 000 years . We  work alongside farmers to meet the demands of the future in sowing the seeds developed through synthetic biotechnology and automated chemical protection.

PlantBots are better suited to the 21st century.  Our ability to manufacture PlantBots that can adapt and mutate to a wide range of climates will ensure unsurpassed yields. 

PlantBot Genetics inserts valid traits and materials from specific flora and fauna found in each locale.  Several species designed by PlantBot Genetics have self-sown and  contaminated the surrounding quadrants  outside our lab. These rogue PlantBots may prove useful and have been captured in the following footage .

PlantBot Genetics, which parodies and satirically comments on the aggressive and misleading practices of biotech companies. Their bizarre creations humorously comment and share information on actual biotech products while providing alternative solutions for a hungry world.


Synthethic Crops designed for higher yields.



PlantBot Spores escaping the US for the lands of Europe and beyond.


Invasive Species of PlantBots.

Wheat Strains

Brand new strains of GM Robo-Wheat.


Crops designed for Florida.