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The open markets in Rome are some of the oldest running markets in the world. The tradition of the Roman open market goes back to at least the Third Century B.C. when the Marcellum market was located at the north end of the Fori Romani.

These open food markets are still the method many citizens of Rome use to buy their food every day. This system of distribution is simple and timeless. The food is grown just outside the city gates, and the finest produce is trucked into the open markets every morning. This ensures quality local and seasonal produce. The eloquent system of the city itself has been designed around this simple system. The apartments and houses of the city radiate from these markets, ensuring that every citizen is close to fresh local produce.  

In the video, PlantBot Genetics visits the future of food distribution by looking at this past, never-interrupted working system. The Monsantra PlantBot's appearance saw the past and future combine, to the delight of the local community. 

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