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Iceland is the only carbon-neutral country in the world. It uses the geothermal gasses beneath it to produce enough electricity for the entire country and even sells its excess energy to Great Britain.  In addition, it has figured out how to use the heat and steam from the volcanic activity it sits on to keep greenhouses warm all winter, allowing them to grow local food all year long.  When these resources are coupled with the use of hydroponic systems which rely on the local water (also some of the best in the world) it creates an empowering food force for a country that once relied on fishing to sustain it. 

Although most countries do not have geothermal activity to rely on for energy, many of the systems used in this remote country could be adopted to grow local food in any cold part of the world all year long.  

PlantBot Genetics was thrilled to explore this rugged country looking for Monsantras, and learning about its sustainable developments and emerging biotech sector.

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