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Canada is currently  one of the largest producers of Genetically Modified Food in the world. Unfortunately, if Canada was to ban all production and use of GMO's tomorrow, GM pollen would still float and spread from the USA and within Canada. As the home country of PlantBot Genetics scientist, Wendy DesChene, Canada is on track to be a GMO breeding ground forever. 

PlantBot Genetics travelled to Newfoundland Canada with Monsantra to create a video with the local fishing families. For generations these families had made a living of the fertile grounds of the Grand Banks which have been overfished and now act as a cautionary environmental  tale.  The boats in this video are all boats that regularly travel to the Grand Banks to fish. The economy and lifestyle of the Newfoundland people have been greatly effected by the dying fishing industry. 

Note: this video was made several years ago and although the PlantBot Genetics scientest talks about GMO's she was unclear of how widespread GMOs  were in Canada. Since the creation of this video, the use of GMO's has skyrocket in Canada.

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